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"Yes" we really Recondition arrows!!!


We have the misfortune of living in a consumer society that believes in throwing things away....


Recycling may be all the rage in most areas of the United States, but whatever became of reconditioning and reusing?


With the cost of finished arrows being what it is today, it makes sense to us that reconditioning arrows is the only way to go.  Especially considering the durability of the carbon shafts on the market it is not unusual to recondition the same arrow over and over again until it finally gets lost or broken.  If you decide to recondition your own you are looking at a sizable investment in equipment (fletching jigs, adhesives, feathers or vanes,  arrow straighteners, dip tanks, paints, etc.) and then lots of practice before you get things right!


We have been crafting arrows (and reconditioning them) for many years and have come to the realization that there are few businesses (if any!) that offer this service on a mail order basis.  Because of this lack, we have decided to offer this service to those of you that feel that reusing is the smart way to go.


Although it is possible to recondition wood arrows (very carefully!) we have found that the process is so exacting that it becomes too time consuming to be cost effective.


1. We will recondition your aluminum or carbon arrows for a flat rate of $4.00 per arrow.


2. The arrows will be stripped and straightened

(if necessary), clear dipped and refletched with Trueflight left wing diecuts or Duravanes.  Nock replacement is included in this fee.


3. If you desire a White crown dip (Yellow and Red is also available) and cresting prior to refletching, there will be an additional charge of $25.00 for each dozen arrows processed.


4. Include specific instructions when you send us your arrows and they will be promptly rebuilt and returned to you with shipping costs according to your zip code.  (Continental U.S.)


5. Inspect the aluminum shafts carefully for cracks, dents and/or grooving as shafts considered unsafe will not be reconditioned.




E-MAIL us if you have any questions.

 Last update: 2/19/13



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